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Native American Marketing Enterprise – MOU Agreement Reached for Quality Control Assurance of Native American Cannabis Market

Mesa, AZ January 20, 2015–Native American Marketing Enterprises and Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories announce a memorandum of understanding between the organizations for the testing and quality assurance of product for the Native American Cannabis sector.  Native American Marketing Enterprises has economic development relationships with various Native American Nations and their Tribal Governance to develop economic tribal enterprises for Native American Sovereign Nations on tribal properties in the cannabis industry.

It is understood that The Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories, will provide ISO Process and ISO Certified laboratory Partners to the Native American Tribal Cannabis Enterprises. Their exclusive testing will serve to insure reliability of product consistency and best practices in establishment of a uniform ISO Standard of Product throughout the Native American Cannabis industry.

This relationship with A.C.C.L. will insure the finest quality product available by setting the Gold Standard with the Native American Cannabis Tribal Enterprises.

“The partnership between the Native American Marketing Enterprises and the ACCL creates a new standard of quality for Cannabis in America. Our members are excited about the new opportunities this partnership will provide in the future” Robert Martin, Ph. D. Executive Director

Association of Commercial Cannabis Laboratories founded in 2011, the ACCL and its member organizations are dedicated to establishing medical marijuana best practices and certifications for quality standards. Since its inception, the ACCL has been at the forefront of the movement to develop mandatory testing protocols for medicinal marijuana products, and with the expansion of its membership base to include Cannabis testing laboratories throughout North American, the organization continues to serve as an example to the rest of the industry on how to work together effectively to bring greater legitimacy and credibility to the medical marijuana community.

Native American Marketing Enterprises founded in 2010, will develop turn-key cannabis project operations for Native American Tribes & Nations, Our various team members are involved in strategic planning, market analysis, creative development planning and placement. Our Marketing skills include plan department, design, copyrighting, audio/video production, public relations, and full internet marketing strategies. www.nativeamericanme.com


Contact : Roger White, President

Native American Marketing Enterprises

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Email: rwhite@nativeamericanme.com


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