Ways to Make Money From Fishing

It’s said that in the event that you do what you like, you’ll never have to work a day in your life. There’s a lot of truth in that, but just how many people can say that what we do to earn a living is something we really enjoy? It’s too easy to become caught on the treadmill of life, and once on it, it is hard to stop, as there are bills that need paying and household who want feeding.

How to Make Money From Fishing

But what if there was a way? I was thinking if it will be possible for a man or woman who loved fishing to create a living out of it, and then guess what: There are people doing it. You can also start a website such as pondguides site which gives best review on external pond pumps.


Start a Deep Sea Sports Fishing Business

What’s It? : Deep sea fishing is the most enjoyable fishing sport. The screeching of the reel as the fish starts to pull, the texture of the strap holding them into the chair, and you yelling encouraging words: These are what your client is going to remember.

Breed Fish for Farmers

What’s It? : When we were farming tilapia, we bought our fish fry when they were 30–50 g. The company did nothing else besides supply young tilapia. In fact, we know one fish farmer that shifted from farming tilapia to breeding, as it was profitable and involved less hassle. The outlay for food is much less as is the demand for distance. Fish theft is not likely to happen as thieves only want fish.

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Smoking and Drying Fish (For Your Garden/Pond and More)

For conserving and consuming afterwards, or to sell as dried fish. In many parts of the world drying fish is trivial.

There’s another use that we do here on our farm when we net and have a glut of bass. We dry the small ones from the sun and use them in the backyard. Fish meal is a great source of nutrients to plants. I place our dried fish into my food processor with the chopping blade. This we put around our coconut trees and in our vegetable patch. Most nurseries sell this but it’s simple to produce your own.

Using Fish as Pet Food

I feed fish to both my cat and dogs. While I catch little piaba, or oscars, I feed to the animals. They are a rich source of protein. If the fish is a bit larger but not big enough for us to consume, I give it to the cat.

These can easily be frozen and kept for later, although I’ll give live fish into the animals if they are around in the time of fishing.

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